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Rating Systems are the main LEED products. Rating systems attempt to span the full range of possible building types and phases in the life of a building. All Rating systems must be piloted and balloted with the full USGBC membership before they will be launched and implemented by USGBC. In addition, Rating systems must retain the same structure of credits within the 5 core and 1 bonus credit categories:

- Showering and changing rooms for alternative transportation participants (bicycle, walking, etc.)
- Reduced heat island effect through the use of new roofing materials / coatings with a high Solar Reflectance Index.
- Bicycle storage to promote alternative transportation.
- Reduced heat island effect through the location of shaded parking areas.
- Preferred parking for low-emitting and fuel efficient vehicles.
- Preferred parking for carpools and vanpools.
- Naturally indigenous grass infiltration swales limiting site runoff and water pollution to recapture and maintain natural stormwater flows.

- New and refurbished original high efficiency, low flow, and dry plumbing fixtures reduce wastewater usage up to 40%.
- High efficiency instantaneous water heater with on-demand buttons at faucets.
- Harvested rainwater (stored in a new 6,750 gallon cistern) is used for all wastewater conveyance, increasing local aquifer recharge.
- Landscape design incorporates indigenous and drought tolerant plants, eliminating permanent irrigation systems.

- Third party testing of air infiltration, duct tightness, exhaust air flow rate, and particulates and v.o.c. emissions prior to occupancy.
- High efficiency HVAC equipment eliminates the use of CFC-based refrigerants, instead using refrigerants that minimize the emission of O-zone depleting compounds.
- Light fixtures exceed Avista Utility advanced lighting requirements.
- New high density insulation in all exterior walls and roof, dramatically increasing energy performance.
- Refurbished original wood windows with new insulated glass, increasing energy performance.
- Photovoltaic cell panels increase on-site renewable energy, reducing impacts of fossil fuel energy use.

- The building reuses over 50% of the existing non-structural building materials (most of the wood used in the renovation is original).
- Over 20% of building materials are extracted or manufactured locally, supporting the use of indigenous resources and reducing impacts from transportation.
- Building materials use 10% recycled content, reducing impacts from extracting and processing of virgin materials.
- The building maintains over 95% of the existing building structure, conserving resources and reducing waste.

- All interior adhesives, sealants, paints, coatings and carpet systems meet high standards of low-emitting volatile organic compounds, improving indoor air quality.
- Natural daylighting and ventilation through skylights, decreasing dependency on artificial light and energy consumption.
- All composite wood products contain zero urea-formaldehyde resins, improving indoor air quality.

- Educational and interpretive display on sustainable features to ensure proper use and understanding of the benefits of a 'healthy’, L.E.E.D. certified building.